Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daugher

f’/5.6, 1/50, ISO-800, 55mm

My niece with her two-month-old daughter. The popup flash was also used set at -2 exposure compensation. I’ve been playing more and more with the popup flash lately, experimenting with using it for fill light in low-light indoor shots. Months ago, when I was still learning about all the newfangled widgets in these DLSRs, I attempted the flash a couple of times, got great ugly shadows, and never popped it up again.

I’ve discovered, though, that by cranking down the flash exposure compensation on the camera, a warm glow can be added without necessarily creating background shadows. It helps me get nice shots without cranking the ISO to unbearable levels (though I still had to go pretty high for this one). The other thing the flash gets me is a nice little twinkle in the eyes.

I softened the skin tones in this with Nik software, and accentuated the orange and yellow just a hair to add to the impression of a glow on their faces. Also I added some sharpness to the eyes. Thanks to the window just out of the frame to the right letting in some natural light, the glow was slightly accentuated by deepening the shadows and bringing out the highlights.

I would, of course, love to have an external flash (nothing fancy, a 430EX II would suit my purposes nicely) and an off-shoe cable for it, but right now I have to be satisfied with resources that are somewhat more limited.

7 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter

    • Thank you so much for the compliment. I was pleased with how it turned out, though I think I would do well to take another look at how I sharpened the eyes. When viewed full size, it seems like I have over sharpened.

  1. I adjust my pop-up flash all the time. My problem is that it’s usually on a low fill flash setting and when I really need it to POP in the dark setting I’m left wondering why I can’t get enough light,…duh? Nice portrait of Mother and child.

    • Yeah I have run into that a time or two also. Frustrating when you lose that once in a lifetime shot because you’re buying the last shots settings.

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